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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQ's

1.  Do you allow pets?  Yes, we are pet friendly. We require a $500 security deposit at the time the reservation is made and will only charge the card if there is any damage done to the trailer.     

 2.  Is there a cleaning fee?  Before a cu stomer checks out of the trailer, we require them to do a basic clean up…..sweep out the trailer, wash any dishes that were used, wipe down the counter tops and throw away trash. If these requirements are not met, the customers credit card on file will be charged a cleaning fee.      

3.  Is there a security deposit?  Yes. We do have a $500 security deposit. However, this amount is not charged to the customers credit card. We keep a credit card on file in the event at the end of their stay, there is damage done to the trailer. The customer will be notified if there were any damages and how much they will be charged.     

4.  Is there a minimum # of nights?  Yes. We do have a 2 night minimum stay on off peak times and a 3-4 night minimum peak times including major holiday weekends/weekdays, which includes: New Years, President’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.      

5.  Are the trailers equipped with generators?  San Diego, Orange County, Ocotillo Wells, Temecula locations have a limited number of generators available for rent. In all locations, customer can bring their own generator and request an adapter. Generators will not run the air conditioner and should be ran sparingly and only as needed.      

6.  What if we run out of water?  Each trailer will be delivered with a full tank of water. If you should run out of water during your stay, you are required to have it filled, if needed. For water and holding tank service in Pismo, you can contact Yo Banana Boy (phone number is posted in trailer). You do not need to refill water or dump holding tanks at the end of your stay.      

7.  How long will the water last?  That depends on a number of factors. How many people staying in the trailer and how many days you are renting will play a huge role in how long your water lasts. If taking a shower, do not leave the water continuously running throughout your shower. Turn the water on, soap up, rinse off, turn the water back off, and so on. Use paper plates and plastic silverware, so you can limit water usage for dishes.      

8.  What is the cancellation policy?

Please refer to our “how it works” page for a full description of this policy.      

9.  Are there refunds for early departure? Unfortunately, we do not give refunds for any reason .      

10.  Does the trailer reservation include beach/RV park reservations?  No. Beach and campground reservations are separate from your trailer reservation. The customer is responsible for making their own reservations.      

11.  Do you give any AAA, senior or military discounts?  Unfortunately, we do not give any type of discounts at this time. Group rates available call office for details.      

12.  Do you offer multiple trailer disco

unts?  Yes, when 3 or more trailers are rented. Reservation has to be under the same name and same credit card to be eligible for the discount. Call the office for prices.      

13.  What is your check in/check out times?  Check in is between 1:00 and 6:00 depending on location and check out is between 10:00 and 12:00 depending on location.  Call the reservation office for details.     

14.  Can I pick up the trailer and tow it myself?  No. Once the trailer is delivered and set up, under no circumstances can the trailer be moved. If there is a problem with the trailer, delivery driver needs to be notified. If trailer is moved, appropriate legal action may result. Certain locations may offer self haul option, call office for details. 15. Are the dishes washed before renting out trailer?  The previous customer that rented the trailer before you is responsible for washing the dishes. We do not re-wash the dishes before the trailer is rented out again.      

15.  Do you deliver to other locations that are not listed?  If you do not see your campground listed, please call the office and ask.  We might be able to deliver there!